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-> Compendium -- slide show (53) and all volumes through v04n04




volume 04 number 04 ?/span>20 July 2015

?Peace, not war, through religion

?Old Testament Pacifism

?Motivation other than Fear and Greed

    ? extinguish profit motive everywhere


volume 04 number 03 ?/span>15 July 2015

?The Gender Binary Is a False Construct

    ?Why secular same-sex marriage

    ?is a fundamental human right

?Fear Is Not Godly


volume 04 number 02 ?/span>11 February 2015

?The Only True Church

?Why Not To Boycott

?Choosing Servitude

?This Is Not Pornography


volume 04 number 01 ?/span>14 January 2015

?Fight for Principles?


?We Love Bullies

?Reality Checks


volume 03 number 01 ?/span>17 September 2014

?How to read Ernstraud Magazine

?Generation to Generation

?Pursuit of unhappiness

?Happiness = Sharing


volume 02 number 02 ?/span>05 March 2012

?Survivor's Guilt

?Power of One -- Power of Me

?Nuclear Weapons Again


volume 02 number 01 ?/span>11 January 2012?

    ?Ernstraud Encounter from 2006 is lightly revised here

?The Bare Face of Truth



volume 01 number 04 ?/span>10 November 2011

?I Should Compromise?

? Non-Governmental Organization

?Why Do Americans Hate Each Other?


volume 01 number 03?03 October 2011

   Proving To You That You Can Do It

   A Poem About Generation   *

   Civilization:?the Absence of Retribution   *

   Do Healthy Lives Cost Jobs?  


volume 01 number 02?05 September 2011

   How to get to a Flat Tax

   Labor Day Celebration

   The Open Mike Gaffe

   I'm So Glad I Could Talk?*


volume 01 number 01?08 August 2011

   Pumping Gasoline

   Positive Relationships for Success (Survival Guide)   *

   Throwing Family to the Wolves

   Prophetic Promise   *                  


* denotes material previously on the internet




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